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IVY PREP TUTORS can help you succeed in your AP courses and score higher on your SAT or ACT exams! Our experienced teachers specialize in AP Biology, AP Economics, AP Calculus, AP English, SAT/ACT prep, and all levels of Math. We offer private one-on-one sessions tailored to your needs and learning style. Our goal is to help you understand the material, build your confidence, and achieve your academic goals. Join IVY PREP TUTORS today and succeed!

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Where to find us

IVY PREP TUTORS is located at 5330 S 900 E STE 260 in Murray, Utah.

If you have any questions that you'd like to ask us, you can reach us by calling (801) 839-2203 or emailing us at

We will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

Having Hard Time Improving Your Grades/Test Scores?

Trying to improve your grades and or test score can be frustrating especially if you are doing it only by yourself and things are not working out.

That is why we are here for you. Using a unique, tried and proven method, we can help you improve your grade/test score step by step.

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Need Some Help with Your Homework?

Not a problem! Ivy Prep Tutors also offer study sessions to help students who are having trouble doing their homework at an affordable rate!

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Helping You Get Admitted To The University Of Your Dream

We all have one university that we want to go study at in our minds.

That goal might seem far away, but we can help you to increase your chances as much as we can so that you can achieve your goal and be admitted to the university of your dreams.

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Taylored For Each Students Needs

Every student's needs are different to exceed academically.

At Ivy Prep Tutors, we look for student's stregnth and weakness to find the best solution that will help improve their grades and or test scores.

Efficient Studying Method

It is hard to know which materials are worth spending time on to study and which to skip on.

Learn how to spot the important materials that you should spend time on to become efficient at learning and preparing for any kind of tests you'll take throughout your life.

Highly Qualified Tutors

Who you learn from is much more imporatnt that what you are learning.

Learn from the best right here at Ivy Prep Tutors. Take advantage of their knowledge and studying method which is the best in the business.

Improving Test Taking Ability

Being smart and being a great test taker is not the same.

Learn the strategy and the tactic to become a great test taker especially when taking a test that you need to finish in short amount of time such as the Standardized Test.

Convenient Location

Ivy Prep Tutor is located right in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley.

Our tutoring center is located 5330 S 900 E in Murray where it is convenient for students all over the Salt Lake Valley to come and study without having to drive to further away location.

Online Tutoring Sessions

If you still live further away from our tutoring center, we still have a solution for you.

Ivy Prep Tutors offers Online Tutoring Sessions where you can take tutoring sessions without having to leave your home!

  • Tutoring Method from Seoul, Korea

    Have you heard people say "Asian kids are so smart"? We believe that is true and we are not just being stereotypical because Asian kids really are smart because they way they study.

    Founder of Ivy Prep Tutors, In Ho Lee has been in the most pompetitive private toturing field in Seoul, Korea for many years. His commitment and dedication to students resulted in his students getting admitted to prestigious universities including Seoul Nat'l University.

    In Ho wants to share his knowledge and method that he has used for his students in Korea, right here in Salt Lake City Utah, so students here can benefit from the tutuoring style In Ho brings from Korea.

    Experience the different, effective and efficient tutoring program Ivy Prep Tutors offer that you will not get anywhere else.

  • Variety of Tutoring Programs

    IVY PREP TUTORS offer variety of tutoring programs. Our tutoring programs include tutoring sessions with High School students with homework support in any subject, AP subjects tutoring session, AP subjects Reviewing session and Undergraduate Tutoring Session as well as Standardized Test Prep Sessions.

    Tutoring sessions are offered both in person at the tutoring center as well as online so students who live far away from the tutoring center or are unable to make it to the tutoring center could still take and benefit from our online tutoring session.

  • Focused on Result

    We want to make sure that you achieve the result that you want while taking tutoring program here at Ivy Prep Tutors.

    whether it is improving grades at school or getting admitted to the University that you wanted to go to.

    We will be here to help you unleash your maximum potential to achievel all your academic goals.